Tuesday, June 10, 2008


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Radio interview went very well yesterday – Keith Travis is a very nice man and I really enjoyed my time at Radio Norwich FM. (I still want to do my radio book… Dear editor, you are very wonderful: please can I do my radio book?) Oh, and I finally made it to the post office, so anyone who’s waiting for something from me: it really IS in the post, and I apologise for being sloppy. (What day is it again?)

Am still on the hunt for the perfect pillow. The memory foam one is like a brick (I thought you were supposed to sink gently into it?), but after a week of using it I’ve discovered that my old pillows are all too soft. (Yep. I have a big pile of rejects. It drives DH crazy. He says they’re all fine. They’re NOT.) It would help if I slept in one position… but I’m a fidget and I veer between sleeping on my side and sleeping on my back. So I need a pillow that can cope with two sleeping styles. (Yup, I’m asking a lot. But I can’t be the only person who doesn’t sleep in just one position.) I did try the (expensive and completely useless) goose down one on top of the brick, and underneath it, but it wasn’t comfortable.

I’ve looked at those posh Tempur ones online and they sound good. However, I’m loath to spend that much money on a pillow if it isn’t going to suit me. (And by ‘that much’, it’s the equivalent of dinner out with DH and the kids, twice. Including wine AND pudding. And I’d have enough change to buy the new Coldplay CD later this week.) What I need is a trial. A proper one, not just pressing my hand into one in the shop. Or would I be better off with a latex pillow? I have a latex mattress and it’s brilliant. (Bed shop suggested this after several ‘Please can you come and inspect this mattress and replace it? I’m happy to pay the difference and get the next mattress up’ calls – and they’re right. Springs don’t suit me and I don’t like those little felt ‘flowers’ with a very hard bit in the middle because they always stick into the base of my spine and give me backache. You know the story of the Princess and the Pea? That’s me. Mattresses AND pillows.)

So. Anyone out there who has a latex pillow or a Tempur one (I mean the really expensive ‘deluxe’ one which is the shape and size of a normal pillow, not the small or specially shaped ones), please talk to me. Any good or not? And, most importantly, is it soft to lie on while being supportive?


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain on the pillow front Kate, I also drive my husband crazy. I just can't seem to find one to suit. Like you I'm a very restless sleeper so I'll be interested to read any responses you get.


Diane said...

I have ancient pillows that have followed me for years because I simply can't find any that are as comfortable. Surely that can't be healthy? :o)

Ellen said...

If you find one Kate please let all us who have the same problem know. Some nights I'm so restless I'll up with the sheet wrapped around me almost like a mummy.

Anonymous said...

Last year I changed over to a Sanderson pillow *- the type which is in the shape of a sofa seat cushion. Rigid box formation, piped edges.
WOW - what a difference.
I even carried it to Greece in my suitcase! Seriously! [ holiday apartments=tiny flat foam]
Firm but amazingly comfortable. One fluff and it goes back to full size each morning.
This one is only going out when the bobbles are bigger than my head!
Hope you find one that is perfect for you.
* I am not ashamed to say I bought it from TKMaxx at huge discount- hope there is one near you.

Ray-Anne said...

I don't know what happened in the last comment but Wordpress took the address of my alterego -which you must wipe from your memory banks at once. :-)
Take care - Ray-Anne Lutener is back now.