Tuesday, June 03, 2008

speaking too soon

Current work: (weeps)
Listening to: Vaughan Williams
Reading: various nonfiction (research)

So there I was yesterday morning. Settling back into routine, did some tinkering with the book, did a couple of puzzles as thinking time (which, OK, I admit I shouldn’t have done until I’d put a few more words down… but I was still very gratified to hit the #1 spot in the Puzzler website league for the codeword, as so far I’ve only ever hit #2 in the league for the crossword).

And then the phone rang.

Summons from school.

Littlest has a tummy bug - which means she’ll be off at least two days. She’s fine in herself, but I’m making sure she’s well before she goes back – it wouldn’t be fair to spread a bug (and it wouldn’t be fair to her, either).

And I have this nagging beginning of toothache – a filling I said at my last appointment I thought was starting to go, and my dentist cheerily said it’d be fine until the end of this year. I think maybe she was a little too optimistic. I don’t want repeat last summer’s hideous experience, and my dentist is on maternity leave until the end of this year. I’m going to have to be brave. Despite the fact that I’m terrified of male dentists (because they HURT me). But I think this had better wait until littlie is back at school. Sigh. Pass the codeine.

Jury still out on the new pillow – going from a soft squishy one to a very firm (memory foam) one is a bit of a leap. Still, I need to give it a full week - hopefully will not have to return to the Hunt for the Perfect Pillow.


Jan Jones said...

Oh dear, Kate, there's always something, isn't there?

Hope you both improve.

Fiona Harper said...

Joining you in searching for the perfect pillow. i also am adjusting to a new memory foam one. Oh, the joys of hunching over a computer for a living...


Amy Andrews said...

What is it with trying to find the perfect pillow? I mean, how hard can it be. Impossible it seems... sigh.

Hope the tummy bug keeps to itself. Hugs to you and the little 'un

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Jan. There really DOES seem to be something every sodding week. I could do with just ONE week's grace.

Fiona - let me know how you get on with the memory foam one. So far it's been OK (except for last night and that wasn't the pillow's fault).

Amy - you wouldn't believe how many I've rejected over the last year. DH is starting to call me Princess (as in 'and the pea') and claims I'm over-fussy. Nope, I just want a comfortable SINGLE pillow.