Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Current work: nonfic
Listening to: Karine Polwart
Reading: various research stuff

Lovely to be back at guitar yesterday (despite still feeling rubbish – and v cross that I can’t shift the sore throat/cough/cold).

Although I haven't practised, Jim indulged me: I’m doing the prelude to Bach’s lute suite in D minor this week (at least, the first six lines of it - there are a couple of tricky stretches and it's moving from fifth to third position so I'm having to think about what I'm doing. And there are barres, which I find tough). Lovely stuff.

And the excitement? I discovered yesterday that Romantic Times gave me FOUR AND A HALF STARS for One Night, One Baby. And what did they say?

Kate Hardy's One Night, One Baby (4.5) is a terrific attraction-at-first-sight story. He's hot, sexy and vulnerable, and she's patient because, in the end, she knows he'll be worth it.

So I am noisily pleased. Thank you very much, Sandra Garcia-Myers. You made my day (especially welcome because of this lurgy).

Thank you to everyone who’s commented here or sent me an email re the pen issue. I can see a trend here :o)


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic review! You deserve to be chuffed. :-)
Hope the lurgy clears and well done for clearing your desk.

Melissa Marsh said...

Congrats on an awesome review, Kate! And I love Bach's music. :-)

Kate Hardy said...

Thank you, Ray-Anne - I'm really pleased.

Melissa - thanks, and me too :o)