Friday, May 30, 2008


Current work: just finished proofs of Norfolk Ghosts and Legends (Spooks, Scandals and Sieges)
Listening to: Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis
Reading: Anya Seton, Katherine (finished last night and really enjoyed it)

Wednesday – best to draw a veil over the day. I did finish my revisions - but this was no thanks to the constant interruptions, plus DH standing chatting to neighbours while the dog stood on the chair in my office and making a fuss until DH came back indoors

... not to mention the flooded kitchen, meaning urgent need of a plumber (let's just say DH is THIS close to being murdered).

Thursday – no electricity, so the neighbours’ wailing house alarms and our smoke alarm’s loud ‘bip!’ every ten seconds drove me crazy. Had it not been school hols, I would've gone straight to the library from school and avoided all this. The plan was to leave the house before it all started and have a research day. Er... nope. Went to visit Dad and then spent a couple of hours running errands for him. We did get a walk round the Roman town at Caistor St Edmund, but the research day didn’t materialise (and yes, I know I’m selfish for resenting that and I feel guilty). I did however do my proofs and am very pleased with how the book's shaping up. The cover is fab as the designer has made one of my pics into a negative and it looks really spooky.

Today – depends on the weather.

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