Saturday, June 07, 2008

good news, a new cover and happy birthday

I should spread these out a bit, really. But… I’ve had a less than nice week, so am going to be greedy.

Firstly, the good news. My ed loves the revisions, and The Children’s Doctor’s Special Proposal will be out in March next year. (And now I can settle properly to the Modern Heat.)

Secondly, I’ve just seen the cover for my next Modern Heat (UK release September), which takes place in London, Bath and Naples:
And thirdly, happy birthday to my littlest. No, not Madam: the youngest member of the house (though he’s catching up rapidly if we count in canine years), who spends more time with me than anyone else does.

Byron (aka Kleptodog) is six today. And this is what he looked like on his first weekend home with us...


Margaret McDonagh said...

Congratulations putting the book to bed.

Big hugs for Byron for his birthday. Those pics are so cute!

Mags xx

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Mags. DH went a bit misty-eyed, but not quite enough for him to agree to another puppy.

Byron looks a bit like that again now we've given him a haircut for summer. Bless him, he submitted with quiet dignity (well, perhaps dignity isn't the word. It was more like, 'If you're bringing that shaver thing anywhere near me, I'm sitting on my mummy's lap.')

Diane said...

Gorgeous pics of Byron.