Thursday, June 12, 2008

two weeks too late!

Current work: Modern Heat duo book 1
Listening to: Colin Blunstone
Reading: not – am busy writing :o)

I just realised that Colin Blunstone is touring. Except he played King’s Lynn (an hour away from me, and the only gig remotely near me) two weeks ago.

So I missed it. Bah.

Have been forced to go and buy music at Amazon to make up for it. Including a Greatest Hits album which is substantially the same as the one I bought – blimey, was it really fifteen years ago? – BUT this one has Miles Away, which doesn’t seem to be on any other album. (If you want to listen, it’s at I love the breathiness of his voice. It’s a quality I also like very much in Kathryn Williams.)

Bought some Alan Parsons to replace an old tape while I was there. And my mate Anna’s new book. (Waves to Anna.) Yeah, I’m bad. Profligate. But I’m working hard so I deserve a treat.

My book’s currently flowing nicely. Wrote 5k yesterday – amazing what can happen with a bit of P&Q. I’ve also worked out the missing bit in the heroine’s conflict that was bugging me, so now it works. And I’m not sitting there brooding over Sudoku. (Unlike some Aussie jurors who wasted about 3 months aka a million dollars’ worth of trial… they’re lucky they’re not being prosecuted. See )

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