Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Current work: Modern Heat duo book 1
Listening to: Colin Blunstone, Ennismore
Reading: not – am busy trying to write and smacking my head on my desk

Good things about today:
1. My ed has given me the green light for book 2 of the duo
2. My ed likes my Dear Reader letter for The Children’s Doctor’s Special Proposal
3. My ed has given me an extension on my deadline

Bad things about today:
1. I still have a sick child at home (this is the reason for the extension – arrgh, one bug after another)
2. Said child has given man flu to DH (he has been stupid and gone into work armed with Lemsips, and spreading his germs… sigh. Take as read the rant about stupid men)
3. Said child has given me her sore throat (very bad – I’m doing a talk at the RNA conference in 2 weeks. Arrgh)

Very bad things about today:
1. Sainsburys’ computer system crashed so they lost my order and did not deliver my groceries this morning
2. Because they’re so busy, they didn’t tell me that they’re not turning up and they’re not rescheduling (I had to ring to find out what was going on – they did eventually ring me and I did feel rather sorry for the poor lad charged with the task of having to soothe ruffled feathers)
3. I do my weekly shop on a Wednesday so my fridge is empty (and my throat isn’t going to handle cheese on toast for lunch… guess it’s going to be an omelette, then).
4. I can’t get the shopping myself this morning because of sick child… which means DH is going to get it tonight. His approach to my list is ‘we don’t need this, we don’t need that’ (along with adding things that we don’t need or I normally refuse to buy, for example on the grounds that fizzy drinks are junk and taste disgusting anyway – this is why I dilute proper fruit juice with carbonated water for the kids) so – oh, actually, I’ll wait for him to come home and then do it myself. Even though it means wasting loads of time in rush-hour traffic, at least I’ll get what I want. (The alternative is letting him do it and moaning at him for not getting what I asked for – he’s particularly bad with yoghurts, deciding he’ll be helpful and buy the ‘diet’ ones stuffed with additives and gelatine which are ‘on special offer’ instead of the nice organic ones I like. And then I’ll have to go and get the stuff I wanted)

Very, very bad things about today:
1. The ants are back. In my kitchen.
2. DH has put my ant bait house thingies in a ‘safe place’ (cue rant re stupid men)

I’m beginning to think that there is a conspiracy trying to stop me writing this book.

There is however one important stock in my fridge that was replenished this weekend… Guess what it is, and I’ll put you in a draw for a signed copy of my new book, The Spanish Doctor’s Love Child - the one with the lovely cover on the lefthand sidebar. (Will do the draw on Friday lunchtime - UK time.)

Right. Enough moaning. Go and see Julie Cohen and tell her how pretty her new blog is.


Julie Cohen said...

It is very pretty, isn't it? ;-)

(((hugs))) for sick you and family. I hope you get the supplies you want.

And is it my imagination, but do the covers of both your recent Presents books show the same couple at different times? That is so cool.

Kate Hardy said...

Blimey, I didn't spot that one.

I know you and I have a recycled cover on each other's books (ditto Ally Blake and I).

But now I get the same couple on subsequent covers... Hey, wonder if that's a first? *g* You deserve chocolate for spotting that. I'll pay up when I see you in July.

Biddy said...

(((hugs for you)))

I'm guessing... now this is just a stab in the dark... chocolate?

Michelle Styles said...

I am going for chocolate as well

Shirley said...

I hope it's chocolate. It sounds as if you deserve it. I bet a man was responsible for Sainsbury's computer system crashing, too. Sigh.

Sending hugs and hoping you're all feeling better soon.

Ellen said...

I'm going to guess chocolate also. Seems like we are all chocoholics.
Sorry every one is feeling bad, (((Kate's family))) and hopes that all get well soon.
Men and grocery shopping is a whole other issue. Hugs on that too.

carolwarham said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear you are having such a bad day. Never mind tomorrow WILL be better.

Nell said...

Hotel Chocolat chocolate by any chance? Hugs on the really, terrible, bad day.

Anonymous said...


Not sure if you've solved your pillow problem of a few blogs back but just in case...

Whether encased in a crisp Egyptian cotton (White Company) pillowcase for the summer or cosy furry flannel when it's chilly, there really is only ONE worthy contender - Dunlopillo. I simply can't do without mine - the mere thought of it makes my eyelids droop. Zzzzzz.

Hope you're well. Lots of love, Gillie Broomhall x

Jane said...

I'm going with milk.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the general consensus and saying chocolate.

Trust me, I know what it's like to be sick right now, as I'm trying to enter an editor's pitch withe flu atm. My heart goes out to you and your child.

Jan Jones said...

(((hugs))) for you and (((hugs for littlie)))

As organiser of said conference, I could hope for a restocking of honey-and-lemon, but as a mate I'm guessing chocolate.

(Hint - ice-cream works v well on a sore throat)

Kate Hardy said...

Biddy - thank you.

Michelle - er, yes...

Shirley - thank you (and I bet you're right)

Isn't it interesting how the writers all think chocolate?

Kate Hardy said...

Ellen - thanks (and actually, he was a star and stuck to my list. The additions were things like Haagen Dasz...)

Carol - thank you.

Nell - LOL on being so specific!! And thanks for the hug.

Kate Hardy said...

Gillie - lovely to see you! It's been ages. Thanks for the tip re Dunlopillo. I've had another recommendation along the same lines, so I'm going to take a look. (Am used to the brick now, but...)

Jane - sadly, I ran out of milk :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Lou - hugs back atcha - hope you're feeling better soon and ATB with the ed pitch.

Jan - even if I have to learn how to gargle, I will be doing my stuff on Friday and Sunday. (And my honey and lemon stocks are back.)