Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Current work: outlines for next contract
Listening to: Green Day, Muse and MCR
Reading: Kelly Hunter, Untameable Rogue (love my mate Kel’s books, especially the Bennett family series – and reading this after going to see the Karate Kid was excellent timing on my part *g*)

The book is off my desk.

Big, happy sigh of relief.

Hopefully it’s not going to bounce back with second revs. (I have everything crossed. Everything.)

And I have celebrated with a music splurge. Not too bad a splurge…

Oh, all right, it was pretty bad. Daughtry’s ‘Leave This Town’, Athlete’s ‘Black Swan’, Lifehouse’s ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, and pre-ordered Robert Plant’s ‘Band of Joy’. Plus two songs I like by Sheryl Crow and Daughtry because I am trying to wean myself off the ‘buy album just for one track’ habit. And I ordered Ritchie Blackmore’s latest for DH. (This is definitely wifely indulgence, as I’m not keen on Ritchie’s current direction – I’d love to see him stretch himself by doing a whole album of Bach, but sadly it’s not going to happen.) Oh, and because dear old Apple told me to update my iPad software last night, which crashed my iPad and then wiped ALL my music off it (putting back 850 tracks took ages, and there was much ranting on my part - especially during the restore, when I was worrying that my data was gone), I had a bit of a sulk and bought some more music. (Oasis. I know, I know. It’s possible to like a band’s music but not the personalities. This is the latest best-of job with some of the good early singles on – and, joy, ‘Whatever’.) I foresee loud stuff in the car for a while...

Now I need to clear my head (aka write proper outlines for the next contract and look at my ed’s thoughts on the new Medical, which is due later this month and she's giving me feedback in the next day or so).

Plan for today: guitar, mess about with the kids (and check they have everything they need for school; not to mention sewing name tags in new uniform), and visit Dad if DH is home at a reasonable time. And sort out above work.

Still feel as if I'm running to stand still, but next week is back to normal routine and things should be easier again. (And I am SO having a day in the library to do some family history research.)

Oh yes - and I have an article up here at eHarlequin re submitting as part of their Book in 3 Months.


Lacey Devlin said...

Another great article by Kate Hardy :). I really loved the rejection - that means you read the letter very very carefully part.

You've been a busy woman! You should be very proud of your music splurge, you've done well :).

Nicolettehh said...

This is an apt post, because I've just sent off my latest WIP to M&B Medical. Got a lovely detailed rejection letter last time, with lots of positive praise about my voice. I just hope I've worked as hard as I needed to on that emotional punch they wanted. Keep your fingers crossed!

susanwilson44 said...

Great post at eharlequin Kate, also loving your new book cover!

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - glad the article was helpful :o)

Nicolette - good luck with that WIP!

Susan - thanks, and glad you like the cover :o)