Tuesday, September 14, 2010

something beautiful

Current work: second revisions on the Venice book
Listening to: Robert Plant, Band of Joy (the two Low tracks, the van Zandt song and the Los Lobos track are all superb; the rest of it needs a bit more listening, but the Low songs are utter standouts - just wish RP was playing more places in the UK. Especially small venues as he did on the Strange Sensation tour. He's playing Paris on a night when I happen to be in Paris, but... no, it's not going to happen, sigh.)
Reading: Freya North, Home Truths (enjoying this – nice fast pace, and very contemporary)

Am still head down on revisions and don't have much to say, so here is a link to a BBC slide show that’s REALLY worth watching (thanks to my best friend for this). The pics are from the 2010 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, and they’re utterly gorgeous. (And yes, there are aurora pics. Bliss.)

Oh, and if you can’t be bothered to click? Here’s a sunset from my back garden at the weekend.


Lacey Devlin said...

You always take the most beautiful pictures. I haven't clicked yet but your sunset is incredible!

Caroline said...

Wow what a great photo Kate. And the link is supurb too. Thanks Caroline x p.s hope the dreaded "Revs" are going ok!

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - thank you! We do get amazing sunsets here in Norfolk. I think it's the fact there's so much sky visible. (We are NOT flat. Just... low-lying *g*)

Caroline - glad you enjoyed the pic and the link (I loved the aurora ones in particular, and that one of the Parthenon). Thanks, the revs are getting there. Mainly due to some severe naughtiness by me today (all will be confessed tomorrow!)

al said...

stunning photo! i love the dramatic skies you get at this time of year.

Kate Hardy said...

Al - thank you :)