Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Current work: Medical romance (Capri/Sorrento)
Listening to: Lifehouse, Smoke and Mirrors (fave track was co-written with Daughtry…)
Reading: next on TBR

I do like beginning a new book. Even though I’m a planner, there are still so many possibilities in those opening pages.

Dog and I were a bit lonely yesterday sans kids, so I’m afraid there was a bit of guitar playing going on yesterday. (While I was thinking about outlines. That’s something that sometimes needs to be done in the back of the head rather than the front, so I wasn’t actually skiving, even though it looks like it: I was being creative!) And no, I wasn’t playing the stuff I’m meant to be practising, either. I’m messing about with my current favourite song, Daughtry’s ‘What About Now’ – lovely easy chords for the verse, but the ones I’ve seen online for the chorus and bridge don’t feel quite right. Guess I’ll be torturing Jim later today, then :o)

Kids both had a good day at school yesterday, so I can stop being fidgety now.

Oh, and I nearly forgot – I’m talking about new beginnings over at the eHarlequin Medical Authors’ blog.

Plan for today: guitar lesson, visiting Dad (and trying to stay off chocolate afterwards because I really want to get my weight back on track), and doing a bit more on the book.

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