Tuesday, August 31, 2010

nearly there

Current work: Venice book (rewrite, final stages of)
Listening to: Green Day (21st Century Breakdown, on son’s recommendation)
Reading: next on TBR

Y’know I said I had an Indian translation? Turns out that it’s Thai (lovely Trish Morey enlightened me). Anyway, if you wanted to take a look… here’s the link http://www.sommjaibooks.com/index.php?mo=28&id=113283

What have I been up to? Working like a dog. The thing is, if you have to change the central conflict in a book, you can’t move scenes around and keep them as they are because the backstory is different; and that means rewriting. Lots of rewriting. It’s really depressing, working all day, with no increase on overall wordcount (i.e. I was cutting as much as I was writing). Next time I get something approaching a total rewrite, I’m going to be brave and cut the lot instead of wimping out and doing it in stages. Easier to cut and paste in, methinks, and then at least I’ll feel I’m making progress instead of running to stand still.

I’ve also been to the cinema a couple of times: Karate Kid (Jackie Chan was excellent) and Marmaduke (was OK but was another one that felt longer than it was – most of the best bits were in the trailer). And DH has been making me peruse brochures for the next research trip. Methinks there will be a trip to the travel agent later this week…

But, for now – last push on the book. (And keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get second revisions…)


Jan Jones said...

Fingers crossed too. Puzzled, though. Isn't the central conflict agreed in advance with editor?

Caroline said...

Fingers crossed on the "final push". Does sound as tho' you are giving birth - which in a way I suppose it is! LOL! Caroline x p.s bought Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex. Looking forward to reading it tonight.

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - um, yes, but "it's all in the execution" and I got it wrong :o(

Caroline - thanks, it feels a bit like it!! Hope you enjoy the book, and thanks for buying it. :o)