Thursday, September 09, 2010


Current work: Medical romance (Capri/Sorrento) and proofs of The Fireman and Nurse Loveday
Listening to: Oasis, Time Flies (I really do like the early stuff)
Reading: Susanna Kearsley, Sophia’s Secret (just started it and enjoying it hugely – can’t resist ruined castles and history, so I know I’m going to like this. SK’s ‘The Shadowy Horses’ is a brilliant read and I think this might just join it)

So today is back to proper routine - with no meetings and nothing to do except write :o) A quiet house, a cup of vanilla rooibos tea (my latest discovery and highly recommended), and a book that – no, I’m not going to say, in case I jinx it. Let’s leave it that I'm enjoying working on it, and it's nice to be back to proper routine.

I’m also doing proofs of the St Piran’s book (aka Penhally series 3 – out in April next year, I think, but don’t quote me on that). Actually, I quite like doing proofs; by the time they arrive, there’s a big gap between me and the book, so I’m no longer sick of the sight of it and can re-read it with a fresh eye. (And yes, you do get sick of the sight of your own work. Revisions make it worse! And I'm trying very hard not to think about the possibility of second revisions on the Venice book...)

Thanks to everyone who’s sent me song suggestions – either here, on FB or privately. Some of them have made me laugh like a drain: clearly I’m not the only one with a slightly dark sense of humour and a love of very bad puns :o) Growing up around medics does kind of do that to you; my mum’s colleagues were great fun.

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Lacey Devlin said...

The Fireman and Nurse Loveday is a great title. Is it a keeper?