Friday, September 10, 2010

Is it Friday the 13th?

Current work: second revisions on the Venice book (sob)
Listening to: Nickelback (because I am in a bad, bad, bad mood, and I might just have a splurge on DH’s iTunes account)
Reading: Susanna Kearsley, Sophia’s Secret (still enjoying, and I’d rather go and finish it than work at the moment)

I have come to the conclusion that the calendar is wrong. That, or I jinxed myself the other day by admitting that I’m actually enjoying writing. Because today everything is going pear-shaped.

Today, I tried to do my post for the PHS on Monday. I was REALLY CAREFUL to check that the date and time of posting was for Monday. What does Blogger do? Sticks it up today. Three times I’ve tried, three times I’ve failed, so I’m just going to try again on Monday and if the post is a bit late… well, it’s a bit late, so apologies for that in advance.

So I gave up and went back to work. I was enjoying writing my new medical romance. And then… I got the email I’ve been waiting for from my ed. Except she said what I hoped she wasn’t going to say. Sigh. The Curse of the Second Revisions is still ongoing, then. (I never used to get this. Which is why it’s so depressing. It means that I’ve become worse and worse as a writer instead of improving. Maybe I ought to go and get a proper job.)

It definitely feels like Friday the 13th today, and I’m feeling very sorry for myself. I might just have to go and buy some chocolate… Still, it’s termtime, so finding work time is easier. Deep breath and back to the salt mine, methinks.


Nell Dixon said...

Big hugs

Shirley Wells said...

Hugs on the revisions.

"It means that I’ve become worse and worse as a writer instead of improving." What utter piffle, woman. Now get a grip, play Nickelback nice and loud (I resort to them in times of stress), get plenty of chocolate and tell those crows/turkeys to take a leap.

Good luck!

Morton S Gray said...

Hi Kate,

Oh dear, you are having a bad day.

And here am I, an unpublished writer, who thinks everything will be rosy if I get published (giggle). I'd better revise my life plan!

Seriously, I felt really poo the other day and India Grey sent me an e-mail that made me cry initially but made me feel so much better. A converstion with one of your girle friends might just do the trick, or a good cry (preferrably in the bath) followed by acres of chocolate.

I do hope you feel brighter soon. Just think of all your fans out there eager to buy your next book. Get the revisions done and move on.

Didn't intend to lecture, big hug,
Morton x

Nicolettehh said...

I agree with everyone else. You're a great writer, Kate Hardy! The amounts of times I've read and re-read your books, because they're just so good.
Now then...out with the self-pity, take the dog for a long walk, grab a latte or something and get back to the 'salt mine' feeling refreshed.

Caroline said...

Yes (((massive))) hugs Kate. Boo hiss I say. Caroline p.s go eat chocolate - I insist.

Lacey Devlin said...

(HUGS) Naughty blogger. It really has been misbehaving lately.

Bluestocking Mum said...

Ditto Morton. Hope you're having a better day

Anonymous said...

That is one horrible curse. You can do it! Thinking of you. :-(
Mega hugs.

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, all. It seems a bit more doable now; and your confidence in me is much appreciated.

Morton - hope you're feeling better soon, too.