Friday, September 17, 2010

publication day, and London bound

Current work: Capri medical romance
Listening to: (probably not, on the train)
Reading: (next on TBR)

Today is publication day for Guy and Amber’s story, aka the second in the Chateau Lefèvre duo, aka the perfume book – Champagne with a Celebrity. (I still wish it had its original title, but I knew that battle wasn’t going to be won!)

And I am off to London this morning. The iPad is going with me (in its new bag, cough), so I’ll be working on the train, but I will admit that the weekend is going to be a bit of a glamorous and skivy affair. Back on Monday with a report and piccies. Hope your weekend is going to be as nice as mine is planned to be.

Oh, what, you want to know what I’m actually doing? OK. Firstly I’m meeting lovely Liz Fielding for coffee, and then it’s the annual M&B author lunch. After that, it’s catching up with more friends. And then it’s the annual M&B author party, where I will get to give my lovely editor a hug. And then I’m meeting my best friend for dinner and staying at hers for the weekend – we’re going to the William Morris gallery on Saturday morning, and we’re off to the theatre on Saturday night. On Sunday, I will of course be working on the train home :o) But, yes, much skiving and glamour, aka a well-deserved break after finishing second revisions…


Caroline said...

Have a GREAT, relaxing weekend Kate - I hope you enjoy every minute. Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Happy publication day!

Have a great time in London! It sounds amazing :)

susanwilson44 said...

Kate, I am sooooo jealous. After meeting lots of these fabulous people at the conference the thought of getting to do it all again sounds fab! Have a wonderful time and I expect to see lots of fab pics x

Diane said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Enjoy. And enjoy your lovely new bag.

Shirley Wells said...

Hope you have a wonderful time! We'll be expecting pics. :)

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, all!

Caroline - I really, really did :o)

Lacey - it more than lived up to expectations.

Susan - you will do it all again!! And yes, there are lots of pics :o)

Diane - thanks. I did. (And I showed off the bag. Quite a lot. Um, and the iPad.)

Shirley - it was fab. Pics of people will be on Monday and, the Arts & Crafts stuff on Tuesday :o)