Thursday, September 02, 2010


Current work: outlines
Listening to: Daughtry and Tom Petty
Reading: next on TBR

I had intended to talk about something else, yesterday, but the relief at getting the book off my desk rather knocked that to one side!

So. September. Perhaps I’m weird, or maybe other people have noticed this too… but the air always seems to change on September 1. There’s a slightly smoky, autumnal feel about it. And it smells like a new school term. It always used to fill me with anticipation: a mixture of excitement at having a new challenge, and the kind of worries most children have about a new academic year (will I still fit in or will people have changed over the summer?). I’d be fascinated to know if it’s the same for teachers, though obviously the challenges and worries will be different.

Today, I’m going to be sewing in name tags. Joy. But on the plus side we’re having a baking session tomorrow morning as we have friends coming over for lunch.

I’m over at the Romance Minxes tomorrow – will put a link up tomorrow. Other than that, yesterday's guitar... let's just say that my recent lack of sleep showed and I was utterly inept. Sigh. It will get better. I just need to carve out time to practise. At the moment, I seem to be waking up at 3am, but that might not be fair to the rest of the house if I start practising then ;o)

But I will leave you with a link to the track I was listening to at stupid o'clock - brilliant for a romance author.


Morton S Gray said...

What a lovely track!

On the subject of family history - have you seen that ancestry have put up the probate index. Already had some good finds!

Morton x

Lacey Devlin said...

Looking forward to your Minx post. Good luck with those name tags!

Kate Hardy said...

Morton - isn't it just? (So I've been bad and bought both his albums.)

Thanks for the tip re the probate index. Will check that out next week when I get a free day :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - I got distracted. Booked a research trip instead of sewing in labels. Bad me *g*