Monday, November 05, 2007

a weekend of partying…

Current work: PM job
Listening to: Del Amitri, The Collection
Reading: Sarah Morgan, The Magic of Christmas (read it Friday night – excellent book and the secondaries as always are just wonderful)

Am completely shattered after some excellent but busy days. So what have I been up to?

Thursday, saw GP and it’s not bronchitis – it’s a throat infection. I’m on antibiotics (so I couldn’t toast my baby in champagne or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – bah). Then we took Madam out for her birthday tea and she absolutely loved it when they brought the cake over and played ‘Happy Birthday To You’ and ‘Congratulations’ (as in Cliff Richard).

Friday was London – lovely day for it and the train got me to Richmond a little bit early, so I sat out on The Green under a chestnut tree and just chilled out for a while. (All right. I started working on an outline...)

Then it was lunch with my agent and two of the senior eds (one of whom is mine, the senior Meds ed, and the other of whom is head of the other line I write for and is absolutely lovely) and we worked out what I’m doing next year. Although I write for two lines, from now on there will be one Kate Hardy style rather than me trying to split myself into two – so readers will know exactly what they’re getting. (And when I asked what they thought made a Kate Hardy novel, the three of them chorused the same thing – which is good to know. I think it’s easy to describe someone else’s style but much harder to analyse your own, as you’re too close to it.)

And then I came home to some gorgeous flowers from my sister via interflora – a ‘get well soon’ thing which was very much appreciated. (I did get a telling-off for keeping quiet about the dental traumas and the cough... especially as it's been going for nearly two weeks now. Sigh.)

Saturday, my best friend came up, so there was much talking and much listening to music.

Sunday was the family party and daughter looked FABULOUS. (Here’s proof. Not just maternal pride, is it? And her godmother did her nails so she’s showing them off, too.)

We ate too much, laughed too much, watched fireworks… perfect family day, really.

Today is back to work, though I’m half-considering having a duvet day. Certainly another early night as I’m still well under par with this cough. Have cancelled my music lessons this week and I might have to reschedule a business meeting – will see how I’m feeling tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What is with you English and your pale skin? lol! No seriously, Madame looked lovely (as usual). I am sorry to hear about the cough though and I was very worried about you--I even had my local priest prayer for you.

I think your statement about writing styles is very true. I always seem, to myself, to come across as a man trying to write as a woman because I cant seem to get descriptive bits down. I always find myself wondering if something--no not THAT something--is too big or small, or if the hair is too short.

Then there's the subject of *coughs* a woman's bustline, is it too big, too small, how exactly should I describe it! As you can see for a 24 year old (barely--it hasnt even been a month), it's quite overwhelming.

But anyways, just thought id dop a line before the Relaxation (over doing it? i forget what their called) Police come along and tell you to take a break because of the cough. Please, Kate, for your own health and safety work at a slower pace if you have to. Now, I am unplugging my Internet connection, and attempting some writing of my own!


Nell said...

Hope you feel better soon, Kate.

Shirley said...

Glad you had a such a good weekend. Madam looks gorgeous. (I did think she'd be carrying her RH though.)

Hope you're having a duvet day and that you feel better soon.

Melissa Marsh said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! And her birthday cake was just adorable.

Glad you had a nice weekend - and I truly envy you being able to hop on a train and head off to London. Sigh...I so wish I lived in England sometimes. I love where I live now, but there are times when I really REALLY want to just sell everything and move to Britain.

Hope you feel better soon - get lots and lots of rest!

India said...

Glad the weekend was wonderful and the trip to London successful, and well done on doing both while nursing a vile cough. Now it's time to be good to yourself!

The birthday girl looked lovely-- so grown up, and so thrilled and excited to be Princess for a day!

Amy Andrews said...

What a fab weekend Kate. We need times like those to recharge.
I'm with Melissa - I wanna live near London too. Waaa!

Bailey Stewart said...

Chloe looks beautiful. I'm glad you had a good time.

And now from the aforementioned slow down police - take a douvet and nurse yourself. Hope you feel better soon.

Jan Jones said...

No, it's not just maternal pride. She looks beeyootiful.

Glad you had such a good weekend. Also glad you've resolved your split personality!

((hugs)) for the cough

Kate Hardy said...

Lou, thank you. :o) Re the writing - if you're still aiming for category/series romance, just sketch in the physical details really lightly and then focus on the emotion. (And happy belated birthday!)

Nell - thanks. I do feel more in the land of the living today.

Shirley - she was focusing on her nails at that point *g* - and thanks.

Melissa - thanks - and if you ever do decide to come over this way, I'd love to show you round Norwich. (Or the beach, where I took Diane - huge wide flat beaches.)

India - thanks. And doesn't she just? :o)

Amy - how many sleeps is it until you're over?

Bailey - thanks, and advice noted :o)

Jan - thanks. Only thing about the split personality: does that mean I have to eat chocolate only for one, now???

Amy Andrews said...

LOL Kate - too depressing to count.
Over 700 :-(