Wednesday, November 28, 2007

REALLY busybusy

Current work: revisions to Modern Heat (archaeologist)
Listening to: Sheryl Crow
Reading: Judith Lennox, All My Sisters

Yesterday... let's just say I was sleep-deprived. Am very glad Madam didn't wake me up in the middle of the night again.

Busy on revisions today and I am NOT going to be distracted by admin stuff or music lessons or the fact that my desk is a tip or... anything at all. (Well, apart from the weekly shop being delivered and there are Christmas presents in it - I have never, EVER been this disorganised or late re Christmas before and I am not happy about it.)

But revisions must be done FIRST.

In the meantime, for anyone local, just a reminder that Waterstone’s has a local author event on 12 December. I’m joined by Keith Skipper and Neil Storey. Obviously it’s nonfiction – as Ottakar’s they launched my first M&B here, but as Waterstone’s sadly they don’t stock M&B. But if anyone brings either – or both! – of my two new M&Bs in, I’m more than happy to sign them. :o)

Here’s the poster from their window:


Ray-Anne said...

On with the show!

Bailey Stewart said...

I'm late on Christmas too.

Kate Hardy said...

Ray-Anne - I'm too busy to worry about making an idiot of myself *g*

Bailey - hope you catch up soon :o)