Tuesday, November 06, 2007

sneak previews of the new books…

I’ve spent much of the day working at a very gentle pace (waves to the Slowing Down Police), so my website is now up to date. (It’s going to have a makeover soon, but I’m keeping that under wraps until I’m ready!)

So do go over and take a look (and I have to say I’m very pleased with my November/December bookshelf – what do you think?).

There are also some new excerpts – from The Doctor’s Very Special Christmas and One Night, One Baby , both of which are out in the UK shops at the end of this month (and the Christmas book is out in Aus and the US too) – and a page about my new medical, The Spanish Consultant’s Love-Child (including a very scrummy recipe for spinach).

Go and have a read. Meet Rob and Emma (and yes, you may recognise her dog) and Jane and Mitch. Enjoy. (And then – if you want to get your hands on them early – they’re on the Mills & Boon website.)


Leigh Russell said...

Did I thank you sufficiently for your helpful comments on my blog? Thank you gain for being so generous with your time and for sharing your experience. Please keep in touch.

Melissa Marsh said...

Great covers on your new titles, Kate! Congratulations! Do you still get that same giddy rush when your books come out as the very first time you had one published?

Kate Hardy said...

Pleasure, Leigh :o)

Thanks, Melissa - and yes, I do indeed. It's still exciting, getting a cover (well - these are usually from my nonfiction publishers) and then holding the books and then seeing them on the shelves. It's also exciting getting the non-UK editions and seeing how the covers have changed. (I really should do something about that on my website...)