Thursday, November 22, 2007

butter wouldn’t melt…

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This dog looks sweet and innocent, right?


This is Klepto-dog.

A dog who steals shoes – doesn’t chew them, just pinches one of a pair, cuddles it for a while, then leaves it somewhere and the owner has to spend ages searching for said shoe. Often it turns up at the bottom of the garden, behind the apple tree, where it’s been left overnight in the rain. (If it’s one of my shoes he is in DEEP trouble as I only possess three pairs of shoes, and two of them have high heels and are therefore unsuitable for driving and the school run.)

But on Tuesday night he went a step too far. He stole Fred. Fred is a teddy whose owner cannot sleep without him – and Fred is irreplaceable because, in his owner’s words, ‘I’ve had Fred ever since I was born…’ (Cue wobbly bottom lip.) I tried offering a substitute (which was rejected); I’ve turned the house upside down and Fred is still missing… and I can’t search for him today as I’m out taking pics for the book/picking up books/working in the library while our electricity is off for the day. Sigh.


Jan Jones said...

Bad kleptodog!

Poor Fredless owner.

Hope some sort of sleep has been achieved for all of you.

(I put Tigger in the washing-machine once because he'd thought it was a game to tangle himself up in daughter's sheets. You've tried there, right?)

Nell said...

Uh oh on missing Fred.

India said...

This is a DISASTER. I feel your pain.

Keeping fingers crossed for his safe return...

Ray-Anne said...

This is probably just what you did NOT want when the electricity is down!
Hope the rascal drags poor wet muddy Fred home soon.
Fingers and toes crossed.:-)

Shirley said...

Oh, no, this really is a disaster. Fingers crossed he's soon found/returned.
And yes, Klepto-dog looks *very* sweet and innocent. :o)