Friday, November 30, 2007

how many days to go?

Current work: revisions to Modern Heat (archaeologist)
Listening to: Sheryl Crow
Reading: Judith Lennox, All My Sisters

Yesterday was a bit scuppered. Two littlies at home with a tummy bug. I am a bad mother because instead of being the ministering angel (hmm – that’s the Victorian idealised view of the perfect mum) I let them curl up on the sofa with the dog and a duvet and watch the Simpsons. I was in the room next door so I was well within hailing distance, and I checked on them every half an hour… but… arggh. Work. Christmas preparations. Difficult. Especially when they perk up and you hear a herd of elephants going upstairs. Then again, it’s a tummy bug. They’re on the mend but I don’t want to send them back today in case it takes another downturn or they pick up another one on top of it.

I can feel the panic starting now…

Good weekend lined up. ‘Early Christmas’ with my fave aunt and uncle tomorrow (am doing beef rather than turkey, though) and hopefully finishing my revisions and the Christmas shopping on Sunday; plus I want to look in Smith’s as I have TWO M&Bs out this month… (The Doctor’s Very Special Christmas – a weepie to warm your heart – and One Night, One Baby, aka my stormchaser.)


Bailey Stewart said...

I hope they're feeling better. If it's of any comfort, mom wasn't the Victorian tending angel either and I turned out okay. Wait a minute, maybe that isn't comforting. LOL

Melissa Marsh said...

My daughter was sick this week and slept from 9 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon! I kept checking on her and she just kept right on sleeping. Of course, I used the opportunity to take a small nap myself. ;-)

Hope they're feeling better - it's never fun when they're sick. You feel so helpless!

Have a great weekend!

Ray-Anne said...

Poor kids. Hope they are feeling a lot better.
Poor mum. Panic not.

And thanks for the reminder that it is the first of the month and the new titles are in the shops!

Hope you have a lovely, even if exhausting, weekend.

[ says Ray-Anne who had a lie-in until 9am this morning after a week of 5.30 starts. And now has to catch up. ]

Liz Fielding said...

When I was little, curling up on the sofa with the dog, a duvet and the Simpsons would have been heaven!

I hope they're feeling better today.

Kate Hardy said...

Bailey - thank you, they're better. (And I am usually an angel so I'm stressing.)

Thanks, Melissa - they are, I do, and I certainly did :o)

Ray-Anne - thank you - it was both. (Hope you've caught up now.)

Liz - thank you, I feel less guilty now :o)