Thursday, November 08, 2007

settling in again

Current work: various bits and bobs
Listening to: Phil Manzanera, Listen Now
Reading: considering what’s next on my TBR pile…

Nice day yesterday – put some roses and freesias on my mum’s grave, then went out to lunch with my dad at a local pub. Scrummy food (and my diet buddies – waves to Diane and Melissa – would be proud of my choice: Italian chicken with new potatoes and lots and lots of green veg, and NO PUDDING).

Have more or less sorted the new layout of my website and talked to my lovely designer. (I want something I can update myself very easily – I just don’t have the time to spend on learning CSS between now and March, and I want the website up and running in January, so…)

Came home to nice post – Italian copies of Her Celebrity Surgeon and Dutch copies of The Cinderella Project. Didn’t do much actual work; tinkered with book outline. Am thinking about giving up the project management work, but need to mull over the financial implications plus the ‘all eggs in one basket’ thing.

Plan for today: meeting with potential new accountant. (Am not coughing so much, though still sound as if I have a 40-a-day habit.) And a bit of shopping as I have a friend’s birthday. Also need to sort my Christmas shopping – am doing as much as I can online so I don’t have to face crowds and lugging heavy bags around. Next week for that, I think. And I must finish that outline. (I woke up with the first scene this morning, which is a good sign.)


Anna Lucia said...

Hoping you're not close enough to the coast to be at risk of dodgy weather et al tonight. Thinking of you!

Fiona Lowe said...

Now you do realise it is the alcohol in the cough syrup that stops the cough so ditch that, make a brandy tottie, cuddle up with a good book or a good man and kick that cough goodbye :-)
Fiona..the one from Oz