Friday, November 16, 2007

new book cover

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Am busy with books so thought you might like to see the new cover (of the book whose second edition I need to sort out this weekend…) I’m very pleased with it: looks classy. (And this book has had excellent reviews – the critics say it’s perfect for someone who’s just starting out and wants to know what’s out there and where to begin. Which is exactly what the aim was, so I’m pretty chuffed.)

The children's schools are both doing a non-uniform charity day today... so my daughter is angling to wear her posh Monsoon dress. Um, not when she's likely to get paint and felt-tips on it...


Michelle Styles said...

Yes, mine have a non uniform day as well, except my eldest who is wearing his old uniform as 6th form doesn't normally wear uniforms.
He also made brownies to sell at the bake stall.
And they are going to be playing Disney music at lunchtime. He went and found the old Disney cds as a nod towards childhood.
It is amazing how things change...

Melissa Marsh said...

Ooh, I love the cover of your book! Very nice. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I really really need to learn British-ese. lol!

We did similar things in that our local high school would do school colors day when we would play our rivals in sports, or spirit week at the most important part of the sports season.

I remember my mum cringing when I wore new stuff and would come home a dirty dirty mess, but she would only smile knowing that in school, I had something she didn't--fun and friends.

Jen Black said...

The cover certainly is classy, Kate. I must look out for it next time I'm in a bookshop. I just love local history

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle, isn't it just? Used to be us making the brownies rather than the kids.

Melissa - thanks. I loved the original cover but I really like this one, too.

Lou - LOL, am I really that Brit? *g* Here non-uniform is just another way of raising money for charity. This weekend was the national 'children in need' day.

Thanks, Jen - the first edition is still in the shops (or there's a link on my website to Amazon). The second edition (which will have this cover) is out in March 08.

Anonymous said...

LOL its not just you, Kate. It's your commenters too. I just..i see some words and I actually have to scratch my head and try to figure it out in context of the comment.