Tuesday, November 20, 2007

good things come in threes

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Listening to: Sandy Denny

Yesterday started off with a bit of a wobble – turned the PC on when I got home, and was shocked to see my screen had turned red. Uh-oh. Loose wire or something more sinister? Had a quick panic: the idea of having my PC in with the tecchy guys to sort a graphics card, when I have lots of work to do in the next 6 weeks, is scary in the extreme. (I even rang my lovely tecchy shop. Who laughed and said, stop worrying as it’s most likely to be a dodgy wire… take them ALL out and put them back in. So I did.)

Relief: it was indeed a dodgy wire. So that was the first good thing: computer was OK.

Next, the post arrived, with a copy of Strictly Legal from Brazil. My first translation from there, so I was really chuffed. And then I moseyed over to the Harlequin website for Brazil, and discovered that In The Gardener’s Bed is also coming out there. (Dear tax inspector, please may I go to Rio…?) Here are the covers – which are definitely different:

And then I had a phone call from Waterstone’s (as in the branch that used to be Ottakar’s, which threw the launch party for my very first M&B, A Baby of Her Own). Would I go and do a signing? (Sure.) And a talk? (Err… how long?) 30 minutes. (Eek!) We’ve agreed that I’m going to do a reading. With a difference: because it’s the Norfolk Almanac of Disasters, I’m going to get people to give me a day and I’ll tell them what happened on it… So there we go.

Lovely start to the week. And I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but I’m going to see the Tutankhamun exhibition for my birthday, with DH, the kids and my best friend (booked the tickets on Friday night) so that’s lovely too. And I booked our family tickets for the panto. Was tempted to book Kate Rusby for me, but the available seats aren’t that good. (My fault for leaving it so late.) Am also temped by the Mediaeval Baebes – the Playhouse is very small so it’d be great. Then again… (Had it been Kathryn Williams, I wouldn’t even be dithering: I would’ve bought my ticket the day the box office opened. And I would dearly love to see Sheryl Crow…)

Plan for today: guitar this morning, then meeting a friend for lunch, and the PRESMA (pre-school music association – I’m a trustee) AGM tonight. And in between sneaking in some work.


Amy Andrews said...

OMG - you fixed your own loose wires??? That would have put me into a complete panic - cup of tea over the keyboard last week had me hyperventilating!!!
I am very, very impressed. Kate Hardy - writer, history buff and DIY woman extraordinare.
Great Brazillian's. There's a line there but I'm not gonna use it.

Jan Jones said...

Good lord, Kate - I didn't realise you wrote vampire stories... ;)

Kate Hardy said...

Amy - nooo, I just had to shove a plug back in the socket properly. I would've been panicking about the keyboard too :o) (Mind you, mine has no letters on most of the key and my DH is moaning about it - ha, he should just learn to type.)

Did you notice I used the word 'Brazil' and not the 'ian' on the end? I made the mistake of using that word in the playground yesterday *g*

Jan - LOL. (But actually - now I think about it, I did have a vampire novel published back in 1996. Blimey. I feel old now.)

Michelle Styles said...

Hooray that you are going to see King Tut. I have seen it several times over the years. It is truly magnificent.

Kate Rusby is excellent live btw and tickets to her shows tend to go quickly...