Thursday, November 15, 2007

busybusy – and Santa

Current work: fiction and n0nfiction
Listening to: Yes, Going for the One
Reading: The Interpretation of Murder (am struggling to read this – I think the narrator is smug, though at the same time over-egging his humility about being not worthy to talk to Freud (which reminds me of the Bill and Ted scene with Alice Cooper). So far, I don’t like the tone, and some of the details are too gritty for my taste. I might have to give up on this one; though I feel guilty as it was a present from a good friend. Is just not my cuppa tea.)

Today am busy with books and sourcing pics. Had a quote in for two pics I want to borrow – bit steep. Will see what my publisher thinks. Would be a shame not to have them, but they’re eye-wateringly expensive. Am just glad that the other institutions I’ve approached share my view that these are stories that are part of our heritage and should be shared, so they’ve been really kind about loaning images I simply can’t get (mainly because many of my subjects died before I was born).

And I really must move the fiction from the thinking stage to the writing stage.

And I need to do my Christmas shopping.

It’s been reported in the news this week that Santas with a certain firm in Sydney have been advised not to say ‘ho ho ho’ because it’s too close to the American slang ‘ho’ and is offensive to women – for pity’s sake, Santa is for CHILDREN. (The recruitment company is backtracking hastily and saying they’ve left it up to the discretion of each Sanda.) Hmm. What’s next – the Seven Dwarfs no longer being allowed to sing ‘Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go’? Political correctness gone mad. It would be so nice if our children could be allowed to be children, without this pressure to grow up so quickly, cake on make-up (for the girls) and think about their sexuality (why on earth should it matter whether Dumbledore is straight or gay? What's the big deal?).

I’m ranting. Better shut up and get back to work. For fans of Kate Walker’s Hecks, you might like to read this news story here

Edit: and another story. Fabulous. The equivalent for me would be suddenly coming across something in an archive... (I had to have a little antiquarian book spree after this. Could be worse. I don't do maps... yet. The day will come.)


Diane said...

Here's another - 2 schools in Wales have banned their children from sending Christmas cards. Because it's not very environmentally friendly and less popular kids get less cards. When I was a kid at school, everyone in my class got a card and I got one from each of them. I can see the environmental issue, but this is CHRISTMAS. It's for CHILDREN. And it's ONCE A YEAR. Perhaps they should consider paper towels in toilets first.

Sorry, another personal opinion rant ... I'll go now.

Kate Hardy said...

Same for me re cards as a child... Y'know, they ought to have us on Grumpy Old Women :o)

Diane said...

Ha, ha - they'd never get a word in. :o)

Amy Andrews said...

Well sorry to be the ba humbug voice here but this is the first year both of my children know that Santa's not real and I'm sooooo relieved. My yongest is 9. That's about 3 years older than I was when my big brother told me - she's had a good run.

I personally think the little blighters hung on for as long as possible to screw an extra present out of us ;-)

Lucky I love them.

Hmmm - can you tell I'm not quite in the Xmas spirit yet?

Kate Hardy said...

Diane - LOL.

Amy - know what you mean. Actually, I think Christmas is a bit out of control and way too commercial. My eldest said to me last year (when I made it clear that Santa was only giving one pressie as it was expensive), "Well, I know you always buy us a silly pressie from the dog and put it under the tree..."

Busted. :o)

Liz Fielding said...

Shoot the PR grinches say I.

Liz Fielding said...

Oh, good grief! Make that PC grinches...


Anonymous said...

The PR grinches too. lol!

I was 7 when I found out there was no Santa, and I didn't care. It made me love my mom all the more to know that she took her money that would normally go to bills (shes on disability and only gets 630 USD to pay bills and what not.) to give us presents each and every year.

I'm crying as I type this because I remember when she got 10,000 USD from a settlement and rather than buy herself anything, she bought my brother and I Christmas presents--everything we wanted and more.

She always says she doesn't want anything for Christmas, but it hurts when I can't get her anything, especially when her birthday is ten days before Christmas

So ba-humbug to PC groups. Let the little *looks at the word Amy used* blighters have their christmas cards, and parties, and their Ho-Ho-Hos, I mean come on people, we only live once!

Kate Hardy said...

Liz - absolutely! (PR as well, hey? LOL)

Lou - sending you a hug. From a mum's perspective, having my children spending time with me (and enjoying it) is the best pressie I could ever have. The best gifts don't cost anything but are also priceless, if you see what I mean, because they can't be bought. Smiles, hugs, an 'I love you' or a poem written especially for me. Doesn't have to be great literature: it's the thought behind it and the time taken that counts. Hang on in there.

Anonymous said...

Sending those hugs back. It wasn't so much the money that bothered me, it was the fact that she spent it on an ungrateful (at the time) 16 or 17 year old; and I was the only one from my entire family that could help my disabled mother with the crowds in the shopping malls.

Oh and I know exactly what your saying Kate. But still, it's nice to be able to buy her the slippers she wants, or a pair of jeans that she doesn't buy herself.

Half the time when I get a refund check (cheque? i can never remember) I give her at the very least $200 to help pay the bills. But with the Christmas season coming up, I always like to try to surprise her with something extra.

Last year I had gotten her a neck with a pendant of St. Christopher on it, as well as a pair of earrings that were fashioned into the logo of her favorite American football team.

I told her this year all I want is a football jersey from Manchester United. That and a good, home cooked meal for Christmas (which I'll get anyways. lol!)