Tuesday, November 13, 2007

ticking away

Current work: fiction and nonfiction
Listening to: Pink Floyd
Reading: Donna Hayes, Some Kind of Hero

The weekend has just vanished. Am pleased to report that, bar some damage at Cromer, Lowestoft and Walcot, this part of the world managed to keep a few centimetres on the right side of the surge. The newspapers report that it was pretty close.

Spent the weekend licking the nonfiction into shape and dragged the family out on a photoshoot.

Piano lesson good, yesterday – not perfect on the Katie Melua but a huge improvement. Started a new piece: Liszt’s ‘Liebestraum’. More work on book. Quick chat with local newspaper’s chief librarian (am on the hunt for my remaining pictures). Governor meeting (was long but useful). More work. Sleeeeeep. (I had a very interesting dream on Sunday night involving Hugh Grant. Can’t remember it now, but I woke up smiling yesterday.)

Plan for today: guitar, as much work as possible, and then a booksigning at Jarrold’s in Norwich from 6-9 pm. If any readers happen to be in the area, do come in and say hello.

Also might have some exciting news to reveal about next week...


Amy Andrews said...

Oh Kate, that's a relief. Pleased there was no repeat of the summer destructive deluge.

Jan Jones said...

I love those dreams. For a microsecond all is right with the world.

Then you wake up.

Ray-Anne said...

Best of luck with the Booksigning!

Anonymous said...

And how is your cough Kate? If it's not better, I prescribe more light work.

I'm so excited! only a month and a half until I see your books in my stores and I can't wait!

Kate Hardy said...

Amy - me, too.

Jan - so true!

Ray-Anne - thank.

Lou - thank you! And my cough has gone now, thank goodness. I even have my voice back and I'm singing in the car with the kids again/playing the guitar and piano (that's how I knew I was really under par - didn't even want to play music). The books will indeed be there in Jan (though you should be able to get hold of them through e-Harlequin before then, if you want *g*)

Anonymous said...

I could, if I had money to do that. That's why I go to the store, cause I can usually get my mom to buy me some (she reads them too, so its a win-win). As a matter of fact she reads only the authors I recommend.

She says that she loves them all, but that there's a need for more Scottish heroes in her eyes. Of course her family being from Northeast Ireland/Scotland doesn't help her opinion. lol.

Kate Hardy said...

Bless you, Lou :o)

Try and get your mum to look at the medical authors on the eharl site (you can't get medicals easily on shelves) and look out for Maggie Kingsley and Margaret McDonagh - both do gorgeous Scottish heroes (they both live in Scotland) and I would highly recommend both.

(I too have a couple of Scots heroes - in Her Emergency Fiancee and Seeing Stars. I do think Scots accents are sexy.)

Diane said...

Good luck at the book signing.

And you're teasing again ... :o)

Julie Cohen said...

Have a great signing!

Bailey Stewart said...

Glad you're feeling better and that the surge wasn't as bad as they thought.