Wednesday, November 07, 2007

day off

Current work: finished doing website update yesterday. Am skiving off today.
Listening to: Del Amitri, The Collection
Reading: Amy Andrews, The Italian Count’s Baby (finished it last night – excellent conflict, and I think Katya’s mum should’ve got some just deserts…)

Day off (ish) today. Sorting admin this morning, then off to put flowers on my mum’s grave (it would’ve been her 62nd birthday tomorrow) and take my dad out to lunch.
This evening… depends on how much I’m coughing (woke up coughing in the middle of the night and that was quite freaky!) but it really ought to be either tinkering with my outline or doing some solid work on the second edition of How To Research Local History. (It’s only been out a year. Second edition already? … and the idea is to change it according to your reviews. The only negative comment I had was lack of pics. But that still seems a bit… well… not enough. I dunno.)


Ray-Anne said...

Hoping that the sun is still shining where you are. Take care, Ray-Anne

Jan Jones said...

Trust me, Kate. You'll find something else to do!

Amy Andrews said...

Oh Kate - hugs on the anniversary.
Sounds like another duvet day.
Thinking of you.

Melissa Marsh said...

All right, Kate, now how is this a day off? Sounds like you're still working to me! ;-)

Shirley said...

You really haven't got the hang of the term "day off" have you? Tsk.

Hugs on the anniversary.

Anonymous said...

hugs and congrats on the anniversary.

I'm making myself an honorary slow down patrolperson. SLOW DOWN! NOW! dangnabbit woman, you're going into a coughing frenzy and your going to be a lot worse off soon

Won't someone please think of your children!? lol!

Seriously though, slow down. Take a day, sit on the couch (or duvet, or whatever its called) and just watch the telly. I think their might be a football match on.

Kate Hardy said...

Ray-Anne - thanks, it was.

Jane - um... yeah... (You know me too well!)

Amy - thanks.

Melissa - I have a weird definition of "day off" *g*

Shirley - er, maybe not *g* Thanks for the hug.

Lou - honestly, this is slow for me :o) ... remember I'm hyperactive! (And watch footie???? Noooooo. Something with Richard Armitage in, yes please...)