Monday, November 19, 2007

Special offer: Breakfast at Giovanni’s

Just realised that it’s the 19th today, not the 18th! (I did say I'd been busy this weekend...) So I have some very good news to share.
If you live in the UK, you have a second chance to get hold of a copy of my 25th Mills & Boon release, Breakfast at Giovanni’s.

Mills & Boon are running a promotion with QS clothing shops. Customers who spend £15 will get a free book - either Breakfast at Giovanni's or Fiona Harper’s award-winning first novel Blind-Date Marriage.

Better still, you also get a coupon for £2 off any other M&B series book, redeemable at W H Smith’s.
QS have more than 200 shops across the country and you can find your nearest one here.
Go treat yourself to something nice... and get a good read to go with it!


Diane said...

And there's me a day ahead - I was convinced today was the 20th until I read this.

Fiona Harper said...

May we sell many lovely outfits!

Kate Hardy said...

Diane - you've got me at it now. Today (Tuesday) I keep thinking it's Wednesday...

Fiona - I'll raise a glass to that!