Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kate Dopey

Current work: (Bangs head against wall)
Listening to: Mark Knopfler, Golden Heart
Reading: something off my TBR pile…

This week is turning out to be frustrating. Starting yesterday with a strange light glowing on my dashboard. Look it up in the car manual. ‘Take the car to your dealer IMMEDIATELY.’ Eh? The car isn’t quite a year old, has done about 6,000 miles and I haven’t noticed anything bad. Ring DH. ‘It’s telling you the car needs a service.’ But the service is every two years. ‘Just ring them.’ So I did. ‘Oh, it’s your service…’ Then they told me how much it’s going to cost. Ouch. Apparently this includes free coffee. At that price, I think it should include free premium chocolate…

So then it’s today. First day of school. Kids up on time, Madam has tantrum that new shoes are too tight (no, they’re not – she’s used to bare feet during the hols), breakfast, packed lunch, roads nice and quiet… Drop off son first, go up the road to take Madam in and there’s a phone call from middle school. ‘We’re not back until tomorrow…’ So son is going to have to go to guitar with me today, and my plans for working might be scuppered. (I have a deadline…)


I hate to think what tomorrow will bring. (Oh, yes. My first Sainsbury’s grocery shop online. This could be interesting.)

And DH has organised social stuff for the weekend.

Deep breath. Chill. I’m leaving you with a couple of YouTube pieces. The first one is by ‘Zepfreakxx’ – his other ones (such as the Satie piece) are also worth checking out. This is a particularly lovely rendition of Bach’s ‘Air on a G string’, which is one of my utter faves.

This one’s by Anthony Deaton – another piece I really like (Pachelbel). Beautifully played… though there’s a bit of a twist. (Just watch it. Incredible.)


Nell said...

Hugs, I'm usually the one who sends the kids to school on the wrong day.

Kate Hardy said...

It's slightly worse than that, Nell. In the afternoon I left him reading while I sneaked in some work... and I was late picking up my daughter...