Monday, September 03, 2007

Last day of holidays, officially

Current work: PM job/thinking about revisions on med
Listening to: Kathryn Williams, Relations
Reading: just finished Nicola Cornick’s Deceived – excellent read. Usual great characterisation, snappy dialogue, involving plot and accurate period detail.

Yesterday was the Police Gala day. It’s pretty much the same every year but we really enjoy it – the dog agility demos, the police search and rescue team demo (they vary the costumes each year – and the star of the show is the police dog, of course), wandering round the old cars, the police dog display and the motorcycle display. Last year was blazing hot and I looked like a reverse panda for days. This year was perfect weather – cool and not blazing. So what did we see?

For Life on Mars fans – yes, this IS the car used in the series. (Sadly, no, John Simm and Philip Glenister were not there…)

For Ferrari fans – this is son next to the car of his dreams. (There was also an E-type Jag there that had DH whimpering.)

John Nettles opened the show (what a lovely man – he appeared for no fee because it’s a fundraising day) – and he was also a good sport and took part in the police dog display, being a ‘hostage’ which the police dog had to rescue. (My favourite bit, as always, is the ‘ball race’ for the sniffer dogs… and the springer spaniel’s team won this year, yay.)

Very impressed with the motorbike demo this year as the Imps are a children’s team – they even had six-year-olds standing up on the little 50cc bikes and driving them round. And one of the older members of the team drove up a ramp and over all the other members of his team… which was pretty impressive!

Today is the last day of the school hols – not sure what we’re doing yet but the weather’s good so we might go to the seaside.

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