Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pink Heart Society first birthday treasure hunt!

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Happy first birthday to the Pink Heart Society!

I’m so pleased that as an author member of the Pink Heart Society I’ve been asked to take part in the treasure hunt for the amazing hamper at the end of the month. I’m giving the little Pink Heart Dancing Guy a very special gift – a pink guitar.

(Well, it had to be pink, for the PINK Heart society – and it had to be a guitar because… well, when you get to my bit of the hamper it’ll be obvious.)

Keep checking the links each day on the PHS and send them a list of all the birthday gifts at the end of the month to be in with a chance of winning the hamper.

Now, if you have a guitar, you have to play a birthday song, don’t you? So my choice is this one: variously known as Spanish Ballad or Romanze, used in the film Jeux Interdits. My own performance is nowhere up to the standard of putting it on YouTube (it’s not that easy to play – it always makes my little finger hurt) so instead I’m bringing it to you courtesy of someone who plays it beautifully (or you can just go and buy a copy of Xue-Fei Yang’s ‘Romance de Amor’ – it’s an excellent album).

My part of the hamper? It’s a copy of a very special book for me – my 25th Harlequin Mills & Boon title, Breakfast at Giovanni’s. Giovanni plays classical guitar (hence the PHS birthday gift – though his guitar isn’t pink). Giovanni has sacrificed his dreams for his family; Francesca, the heroine, persuades him to play for an audience again – starting with her. ‘Spanish Ballad’ is the first song he plays for her: and as it’s also known as ‘Romanze’ I think it’s very fitting. As well as the book, I’ll be including some Lindor truffles – because you can’t have a birthday without chocolate…


Natasha said...

He asked me to pass on his thanks! :)

Donna Alward said... bil plays that and I love it.

And your bit about Giovanni is beautiful - and I haven't even read it yet! SIGH.....