Wednesday, September 12, 2007

bad bad puppy

Current work: library day, YIPPEE!
Listening to: various classical guitar
Reading: nonfiction in the archives…

Guitar good yesterday; came home to discover I’d just missed out on an antiquarian book purchase. (My fault for not following it up last week.) So naturally I had to sulk a bit (even though two lots of research books were delivered a little later), and during said sulking process (aka browsing antiquarian bookshops on the internet) I discovered that Rod Neep is having a sale, and a certain CD book I’m after is half price at the mo. Now, I’m still kicking myself for not buying the original when I saw it: reason being it was 10 years ago and I couldn’t justify spending £150 on a set of books at the time because I had a small baby and was still on maternity leave (the unpaid part of it). I could justify it now, but last time I saw it for sale it was over £3k, sigh. So as the CD was such a bargain I had to buy it. (It’ll be a constant research book – and even better because it’s CD it should be searchable, which will save me a little bit of time.) Since it was a bargain, I managed to justify (to myself, anyway) spending my ‘savings’ on more antiquarian books. And they’re research for the next book or three and something else that’s bubbling.

Also had a good chat with my desk editor and the next batch of project management jobs are lined up. So I’m feeling much more settled. In some respects, I could’ve done with my library day at the weekend, but I’m treating today as a bonus, and I’ve put in so much headway on the nonfiction that I can afford to ignore it for the next month and concentrate on fiction.

Today my car is in for its first service. As it isn’t a year old, if they find anything wrong with it I hope they will fix it under warranty. Meanwhile I’ll be in the library – I have a list of the books I want to see (and possibly take photographs of some of the illustrations as they are out of copyright – we’re talking pre 1850s) and a list of dates for looking up newspaper reports.

And then tomorrow I will be back on track with the fiction...

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