Thursday, September 27, 2007


Current work: PM job/archaeologist c2
Listening to: Peter Green
Reading: too tired!

Spent yesterday morning in the library – fairly productive but I didn’t manage to find some of the obituaries I was looking for, which was disappointing (may have to resort to the Mercury, which isn't as good newswise as the Chronicle - it's the 19th-century equivalent of a redtop scandal sheet, in my view, though I might be judging it a tad harshly. Need to check if the EDP was available then as it might contain what I want).

Met Ali for lunch – very civilised on the mezzanine floor of The Forum, overlooking St Peter Mancroft church. (And I had a salad – all right, it contained avocado, but I didn’t have a pudding. The bread was gorgeous, though.) Then school run, picked up books from library... and came home to a note saying they'd cancelled the proposed electric outage. Now, I left at 8.30 (when the electric was meant to go off) and we hadn't had a notice then. And had I been at home I would've probably finished the current (very tedious) PM job, so I'm less than impressed with the local electricity board's communications policy.

Am dog tired today. Don’t think I’ve caught up with myself from London, yet. (Not helped that my daughter fiddled with my alarm and it went off an hour early this morning...)

Governor meeting tonight. Son also has a friend for tea. And I’m out for lunch.

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Diane said...

You're sounding tired too. The electric would've narked me as well. And I sympathise about the early hour - Holly woke me at 5am then decided it was too chilly to go out ...