Saturday, September 08, 2007

Definitely one of THOSE weeks

Current work: should be fiction but I could do with some archive time
Listening to: Bach
Reading: Elizabeth Oldfield, Vintage Babes

Am finding it a bit hard to settle at the moment. I’m not quite back in routine and this week really does seem to be a stinker. Yesterday things came in threes. First up, communications from my accountant – I would really like to have someone like my lovely first accountant (who retired or I’d still be with him), someone who’d give a personal service in a reasonable time and who understood what I do for a living instead of a faceless corporate outfit that makes mistakes three years running (not nitpicky ones either), sends me inappropriate letters (the latest, ‘You can pick up your papers when you’re ready’ – um, I did that last month) and then asks me to recommend them to others… (Cough. The Society of Authors are sending me their list of accountants in my area, and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs have been very nice and explained what I need to do to change accountants – simply fill in a form.) Then I discovered a real stinker of a review for one of my nonfiction books. DH says to ignore it because you can’t please everyone, but that’s a lot easier said than done, sigh. And then I compounded it all by upsetting someone I like and respect very much (not intentionally and I have apologised, but even so I feel bad about it). So right now I'm down in the dumps.

When I’m fidgety like this, it’s eat chocolate or have a music-and-books spending spree. Yesterday, I ended up doing both. Bought a pile of research books, another guitar CD (this one has Nicola Hall playing one of the tracks – recommended by my guitar teacher) and Kate Rusby’s ‘Awkward Annie’ (having heard bits on YouTube – I love her voice. And thank you, Michelle, for the recommendation). Oh, and I pre-ordered Robert Plant’s new CD. Still, at least I stayed off the antiquarian books – possibly because I’ve already had my fix this week with MR James’s ‘Norfolk and Suffolk’ (AND it had a dustjacket… am v pleased).


Liz Fielding said...

I'm sorry you're having a truly rotten week, Pam. Clearly you've done what you can with the accountants and the upset (and darling, we've all done that!). As the for review, well, when I got an "F" and a "eeuw" for one of my books I told myself it was good for my soul.

Now draw a line under the week and have a great weekend.

Liz Fielding said...

PS Sorry, that sounded so bossy! Here's a hug, now have a great weekend!

Biddy said...

*massive hugs* I'm sorry you have had one of those weeks, but hopefully that means it is all over and done with in one week xx

Quick question: Is the new Robert Plant CD the duets with Alison Krauss??

Mmmm thanks for the photo... :-)

Amy Andrews said...

Oh Kate - hugs. I know how you feel. Have done the same thing myself just recently with a dear friend and it really does wiegh on you.
And it makes it really hard to settle down and write because your mind is constantly worrying over it.
Cyber chocolate and champagne.
Is that pic the dude from Supernatural?

Nell said...

Leaving you a hug. Finding an account is one of my Things to Do. After this years tax fiasco and with my contracts becoming more complicated my dyscalc has reached crisis point.

Michelle Styles said...

Oh hugs.

I am going to be really bad and say that Peter Ackroyd has a new book out -- Thames -- my husband came home with it last night as a present. (He had bought the new Ian Rankin and Bobby Charlton for himself..) but it looks really good. Full of lots of interesting facts etc. .

Natalie Anderson said...

I've just done my tax return (only 3 months late - I had an extension). Its the last time I ever do it myself. Hmmm - will ask around to find a good one over here cos it seems to be DARN complicated!
Sod the review. Go re-read the masses of brilliant ones!
And (((hugs))) on the friend upset - that can be the pits huh.

You know I nicked that pic off Jensen last time you had him up. He turned into my Rhys. Unfortunately Rhys is back in my house requiring some more bashing into shape.
Still... means I have the legit excuse to look at THAT MOUTH for a few more hours...

Jan Jones said...

(((((HUGS))))) from me too. Things can only get better. Have you tried the accountants who did the RNA money day presentation?

They DO know about authors.

Kate Hardy said...

Liz, thank you. I will try.

Biddy - yes, it's the duets with Alison Krauss. (I do like her voice.)

Amy - yep, that's Jensen from Supernatural.

Nell - ask the Soc of A for their list - they're REALLY nice. (The one they're sending me is the wrong side of the country for you!)

Michelle - thanks. (And I'm tempted.)

Nat - thanks and hope the revisions go well.

Jan - I might well try them. (They're bound to be on the S of A list.)