Friday, July 29, 2011


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Today has been a fairly frustrating day, spent on the phone sorting things out. (OK, so I’m good at sorting things out. But I really don’t enjoy doing it for someone who then behaves abusively when I’ve been nice AND given up work time and family time. However, am doing it to support DH.)

But then I had some great news from my editor. She liked the revisions and #49 will be published in March 2012 – Dr Cinderella’s Midnight Fling, which was originally my IVF book but it turned more into genetics, which fascinates me. (And my working title was Dr Cinderella, so I am very happy,) Actually, #48 will also be out in March next year – ‘The Ex Who Hired Her’, aka the department store story (in Modern, rather than Riva). So it’s good news all round and some quality time spent with DH and the kids, with any luck.

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Michelle Styles said...

Hooray on NOT getting second revisions! Really great and wonderful news. Onwards to number 50!