Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a nice surprise

Current work: Rome Riva
Listening to: classical guitar pieces on the iPod (thank you, lovely husband)
Reading: Sarah Mayberry, Her Best Friend (enjoying this)

Doorbell goes this afternoon – and the UPS man is standing there with TWO big boxes. One I was expecting (author copies of Italian Doctor, No Strings Attached). The other I wasn’t, so I was very pleased to learn that I’m in an anthology called Latin Lovers, with my friends Melanie Milburne and India Grey. (Mine is The Italian GP's Bride.) And what a lovely cover!

Other than that, today has been a matter of dropping my car insurance certificate in to the dealer (yeehah), a jam session with youngest (luckily they’re not mega complex pieces as it was a matter of ‘Well, you can read music, so let’s play it together. One, two, three…’ - um, this might be because she loathes almost everything on my iPod) and a mountain of laundry.

Work? (Hmm. Must Try Harder!)


Caroline said...

Lovely cover. Can't wait to read all the stories. Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Fantastic cover! I hope that mountain of laundry sorts itself ;-)