Monday, July 25, 2011

first week of the school hols...

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First week of the school hols, and my routine is totally changed for the next six weeks. Means being up first thing, getting my wordcount done (i.e. being very, very strict with myself and not allowing myself to play so much online), and then spending quality time with the kids (aka cinema, theatre and museum trips, possibly the beach, ten-pin bowling, and a few flop days). Plus we have a research trip in the offing, so I have a fair bit of admin to do this week. Starting with making a list, this morning; top of which will be dropping in my car log book to the dealer.

Car log book? Yes, indeedy. I really, really liked the car I test-drove on Thursday. And my car was due to be changed this year anyway – it’s just been brought forward due to rampant paranoia on my part (aka it’s unlucky now it’s had a scrape-and-scarper episode AND a warranty repair in the same week – #3 in the sequence could be very bad indeed).

I also have to remove all the CDs from my car. DH has been complaining that my car is a tip. It isn’t. Just that all the side pockets, the hideaway tray and the glove box happen to be filled with CDs because I am a music junkie. He’s been nagging me for ages to get an iPod (which I have resisted on the grounds that I have an iPad and therefore do not need an iPod Touch). He continued nagging. So I threw him a challenge: I’ll do it if you buy me a graphite Nano. I really wasn’t expecting him to agree… but lovely husband took me to the Apple shop on Sunday and purchased one.

So I’ve been busy making playlists and thoroughly enjoying it. I underestimated how much space I needed, but then again it’s mainly for use in the car (our iTunes is on my PC, and all my music is on the iPad for when I’m working in the kitchen/dining room/garden/slothing on the sofa/in bed) and I can’t drive to Beethoven or Rachmaninov because it makes me cry, so a bit of judicious trimming should sort out the space issue.

… except, this morning, it doesn’t work. Battery gone. Now, I knew that I couldn’t charge it on my PC because I don’t have a USB2 port, so I specifically mentioned this and asked if I could use the wall charger for my iPad instead to charge it. ‘Yes, you can.’ This morning, I checked Apple support. Oh, no, you can’t. I can’t charge it on my laptop, either. So there is going to be an interesting conversation this morning…

Today’s going to be a bit manic. Son’s mates are coming over so they can script a film and do the voice-overs. (Mind you, would much rather have a houseful of teenage boys eating constantly than having son hanging around the streets, being bored and getting into trouble.) Think daughter and I are going to be baking this afternoon. :o)

Have a nice day!

Edit: Apple Shop in Chapelfield was utterly lovely when I rang them. Went in and they REALLY looked after me. That sort of customer service definitely deserves to be celebrated, so thank you Ian for being so kind and helpful.

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