Wednesday, July 06, 2011

a real inspiration

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I wasn’t at the RWA conference, but my friend Michelle Styles emailed me from the conference to say that Sherrilyn Kenyon’s keynote speech was utterly inspirational, and she recommended that I read it online.

She was absolutely right. It’s inspirational and it put a real lump in my throat. I would so like to give Sherrilyn Kenyon a hug and buy her dinner. She sounds utterly lovely, and hats off to her for getting through a much, much harder time than most of us will ever know.

So, for anyone reading this post who’s ever thought about giving up on your dreams, just go and read Sherrilyn’s speech, which she’s posted here on Facebook. It might just make the difference you’ve been waiting for.

(And, in the spirit of my friend India Grey’s gratitude journal: I’m grateful for the people in my life who’ve always believed in me, and for those who listened during the tough times (actually, they’re the same people). I’m grateful for having a mum who supported my dreams and a husband who bought me a computer when we couldn’t actually afford one. I'm grateful for having an editor who understands me and who doesn't edit by numbers. Yes, I work hard and none of it was handed to me on a plate; but, without those people to bolster me in the times when I stop believing in myself, I wouldn’t be doing what I do right now.)


Lacey Devlin said...

Lovely post, Kate :-) And thanks for the link to the speech. It really is an unforgettable one.

Michelle Styles said...

I am so pleased you enjoyed the speech, Kate.
It was even better seeing it in person.
And Sherrilyn has such long lines at her signings but she stays until the bitter end, making sure that every reader gets their book signed. She is grateful to each reader.

Caroline said...

Thanks for the link - very emotional and inspirational. Caroline x