Thursday, July 14, 2011


Current work: Revisions on #49
Listening to: Corelli
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I have to admit to a bit of a skivy day yesterday – I went out to lunch. Well, it wasn’t totally skivy, as I was with a fellow writer and we talked about writing (plotting, contracts, future directions and that sort of thing). However, it wasn’t quite the same as being at my desk, hands on keyboard and words down on my file. But sometimes you need to refill the well.

I was a bit twitchy on the way home. You know when you get a bad feeling and you don’t know what’s up, but you know that something isn’t right? All the way to school. I assumed it was a bit of empty nest syndrome (eldest is on a school camping trip, so I’m a bit clucky - especially as this morning it's really pouring), but then I got home after the school run and saw my inbox… Yup, revisions had hit. At exactly the time I started getting the bad feeling, so hopefully that's what it was. Nothing unexpected, but it does mean quite an overhaul of the book.

So today – after I’ve taken the car in to the approved repairer for an overview and then booked it in for the repair – I will be sitting at the dining room table, with one manuscript, one set of notes, and one red pen. Slash-and-burn time. I’ve found it works better for me at the moment with pen and paper rather than the way I used to do it (“track changes” in Word); it seems to flow better in longhand (unlike writing the first draft and tinkering with it), and it also means I’m less likely to be distracted by email and the internet because the desktop is switched off and the iPad is purposely not in the same room.

Ha. And now I’m touching wood in case I just jinxed my process :o)

Have a nice day.


Caroline said...

Ohhh hugs on the revisions Kate. Hope they go well for you! Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Good luck with those revisions, Kate!

Shirley Wells said...

Hope the revisions are going well. I'm expecting some soon too. :(

Funny how the iPads must be banished at all times. ;)