Thursday, July 21, 2011


Current work: finished revisions (ha, awaiting second revs) so it’s back to the Rome Riva
Listening to: Mozart
Reading: next on TBR pile Finally finished revisions yesterday and sent them to my ed. I have a feeling I’m going to get second revs, but we’ll see.

Moved my guitar lesson from Tuesday to today (thanks to lovely Jim for being accommodating) so I could get the revs done; so this morning has been spent playing Mozart (Vienna!! I am getting excited now). I did squeak a bit about doing a piece in E (yet another sharp to remember), but once I started it was fine, and the stretches weren’t quite so tough as I remember. Clearly Spanish Ballad has been doing its job on my hands, LOL.

Went to see Dad’s headstone last night and it looks lovely. I put flowers on both parents’ graves (it’s getting easier, though December is going to be hard), then went to see my stepmum, also with flowers – was nice to see her and have a chat.

Tomorrow is the end of term; and today after school I’m test-driving a car. Not the Alfa Giulietta (which DH has been eyeing up as a potential company car, and which has replaced a Golf as my fantasy car – I am so middle-aged) as it’s out of my budget. However, my lovely garage (the one that really looks after me) rang me this week to let me know an Astra with the specs I want has just come in. It looks nice, it’s comfortable to sit in (yes, of course I’ve already gone to see it), but the proof of the pudding will be in the driving. If it doesn’t suit me, then I’ll hang on for a newer version of what I have now; but I’d quite like something nice to happen this week. (Has been quite stressy this week, and not because of revisions!)

There is definitely something nice happening tomorrow… of which more later. Watch this space :o)


Michelle Styles said...

Hooray on getting the revisions in!
Fingers crossed.

Caroline said...

Yay on the dreaded "R's". Sending +ve vibes your way that there is only 1 set! Caroline x