Monday, July 11, 2011

zooming down to the end of term

Current work: Rome-set Riva
Listening to: Carole King
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Been a busy weekend. Friday was daughter’s concert at the church, and she played beautifully. (Yes, I know I’m biased, but I am talking note-perfect. She worked hard and made sure she wouldn’t let the other two in her guitar group down.)

Saturday, picked up the tickets for Vienna (I am SO looking forward to this, and lovely Jo Brown gave me a lightbulb moment when she told me a legend of the Danube), met up with DH’s best friend and his wife for a coffee (bad me, was the second one that morning as daughter and I had already, ahem, nipped into the cafĂ© because M&S didn’t have the shoes I wanted or the top she wanted and we didn’t want to drag along with the boys in the videogame shops), and then popped into one of the music shops on the way home… and found the perfect guitar for daughter. It has a really nice tone, is a bit easier to play than mine (which she has been borrowing as she needs a full-size one now), and more to the point there weren’t any buzzes on any of the frets. It’s a nice, solid instrument, and she’s very pleased with it.

Sunday, fairly lazy day.

This week, I am glad that we have a slightly quieter week on the rundown to the end of term. Son has enhanced curriculum week, and is doing the camping trip (involves kayaking and stuff, so he is going to get wet and icky). Am also meeting a good friend for lunch on Wednesday and am really looking forward to hearing all her news from the RNA conference.

And I think revisions are going to hit shortly…

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