Monday, August 01, 2011

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Today I’m over at the Medical Authors’ blog on eHarlequin, talking about apps. Come and tell me what your favourites are!

It’s also our wedding anniversary. Nineteen years ago today, it was blazingly hot and we spent the afternoon in a tiny, ancient country church. Slight lump in my throat today as I can still remember my dad welling up when I walked downstairs and he saw me in my dress for the first time, and walking down the aisle to Gerry with him holding my hand very tightly. And the lovely reading he did in the church from Corinthians. And his speech, making everyone laugh (just as I hope I repaid the compliment at his funeral, making everyone remember the good times and smiling). Not to mention prancing up and down at the reception, wearing someone’s hat.

The funny thing is, I can see DH doing exactly the same with our daughter. Welling up at the sight of his little girl all grown up, having a catch in his voice as he does the reading in church, feeling a bit awkward as he does the father-of-the-bride speech…

Hmm. I might just be having a lightbulb moment for a book.


Katie said...

Happy Anniversary!
Oh and as far as apps go (I don't think I'm registered on the other blog so couldn't leave a comment) I would recommend ColourSplash - you have to pay but not much. You load a photo and it makes it all black and white and then you shade in the colours you want to show - it's lots of fun. There's some examples here:

Nell Dixon said...

Happy anniversary and many more to come.

Shirley Wells said...

Happy anniversary to you both!

Melanie said...

happy Anniversary!!

I'm a huge fan and have read MANY of your books.. and I also just realized that you live or have lived close to Norwich. I was actually there last November/ December for 3 weeks!! I LOVED IT!!

Carol Warham said...

Many congratulations

Lacey Devlin said...

Happy Anniversary!