Monday, July 18, 2011


Current work: Revisions on #49 (hmm - why do I want to break into a chorus of 'Darling Clementine'?)
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: Maggie Stiefvater, Forever (enjoyed this and thought it was a really good end to the trilogy – was stronger than book 2 so am glad I persevered! Plus I’m a sucker for Rilke’s poetry)

Still doing revisions – the slash-and-burn bit ended up being a real slashfest :o) I know where I’m going and how I’ve changed the structure, so it’s a matter of sitting down and writing new stuff straight to computer.

Busy weekend (not helped by the Family Crisis flareup, sigh) but managed to get some family time in. Had to replace son’s trainers as his were totally waterlogged from the camping trip/kayaking and what have you. (Yes, he had a great time, and yes, I know I was worrying over nothing. Comes with being a mum.) Daughter has wanted a pair of those pretty plimsolls/pumps for ages, and managed to find a pair that were comfy. And I bought new trainers too, as mine were wearing out. Not sure they'll be supportive enough for major walking in Vienna, but DH has helpfully already thrown the box away so I can’t take them back. (I could buy a proper pair of walking shoes, though… WHEN the book is finished. Carrot.)

Watched ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ with DH on Saturday night and really enjoyed the concept behind it. Not sure that the Inception comparison worked, as it had a much simpler structure. It did remind me very strongly of that line in King Lear: ‘As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport.’

Righty. I am shutting up now and getting on with the revisions (four and a half work days left until end of term at Friday lunchtime, eep). And if you want to do something fun in the meantime, go over to Liz Fielding’s blog. She’s having a party to celebrate twenty years at M&B, and there are guests and giveaways. (I will be there later in the week with a brand-new book for grabs!)

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Cara Cooper said...

Hope you enjoy Vienna Kate. We had a weekend there a while ago and really enjoyed it, especially the Sachertorte! We also went to see Klimt's 'The Kiss' which is glorious in real life. Also I understand the fun fair is soon to be completely renovated so if they haven't already started it would be good to go before they do. The pods on the big wheel were scary, like small wooden huts and you could see through cracks in the floor. Made me shiver. Have fun!