Tuesday, July 12, 2011

celebrating (and doing a million and one things in the background)

Current work: Rome-set Riva
Listening to: Bach
Reading: Sarah Mayberry, Amorous Liaisons (really enjoyed this – loved the Paris setting, too)
Am in an extremely grouchy mood after seeing the body shop yesterday about the person who scraped my car and finding out that it’s going to cost a LOT to fix. The insurance company, however, has been excellent and I should hear from their approved repairer later this morning. (Or on the answering machine because I am off to my guitar lesson, then dashing home to get work done, then picking up son early as it’s sports day, dropping him home, dashing back to pick up daughter, making sure son has got everything he needs for the “enhanced curriculum” camping trip tomorrow. Not to mention work and the usual stuff to keep the house running. And only eight more school days until the end of term. Yikes!)

So, rather than whining, I want to celebrate. I think I’ve said before that I have a definite favourite when it comes to category romance. There is one writer in particular whose books I reach for when I’m having a bad day, because reading her books is like having a hug from a good friend who tells a cracking story and makes me laugh for the right reason. She’s written my all-time favourite top three category romances. (She’s also a really lovely person as well as a fabulous writer.) She’s having a blog party next week to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of signing her contract… and I’m thrilled to be one of her guests.

Take a bow, lovely Liz Fielding.

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