Thursday, July 07, 2011

a proud Mummy moment

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Last night was the school concert, and the highlight for me was when my daughter’s guitar teacher said that his group was doing a tribute to Jimi Hendrix. Now, I’ve seen her play ‘Yankee Doodle’ with her guitar behind her head, but to see the three of them doing it perfectly in time… great fun! (Had to smile when the Head pointed out that some of the parents wouldn’t know who Hendrix was…) They also did a lovely version of ‘Every Breath You Take’ and Bach’s Minuet in G. Her best friend played a violin solo beautifully, too, and there were whole orchestra and choir pieces as well as solos.

All the children had clearly worked so hard at the concert; considering that some of them are only 7, it’s fantastic to see them all working together like that and trying their very hardest to get it right for the whole team. (This is why I believe that music has an important place in the primary school curriculum.)

It was also report day at junior school, and daughter’s was stellar. Not just the academic side, but also in the way she behaves towards others. She’s mature, kind and thoughtful - a really nice girl, and I’m really proud of her. (Son’s report last month was similar, and I’m equally as proud of him.)


Lacey Devlin said...

That does sound like fun. Congrats on having two fabulous children.

Caroline said...

Ahhh how lovely! It's great having "proud mummy moments". May you many, many more. Caroline x