Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Second Chance

Current work: new Riva
Listening to: Snow Patrol
Reading: Barbara Erskine, Time’s Legacy (just started – like the heroine, reserving judgement about the male lead as I’m not sure if he’s going to turn out to be the hero, but at the moment I’d like to drop him in a puddle)

Another day on paracetamol, sigh. Jim was gentle with me in guitar today and didn’t comment about the fact I clearly haven’t touched the Raimundo for a fortnight. But then I came home to find that the postie had already been… and I had something VERY nice in it, i.e. ‘Second Chance’. It’s my friend Kate Jackson’s debut novel (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a reason I can't talk about, but please keep yours crossed, too). And it’s going to, ahem, put the current reading material on hold because I want to read it now!

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Lacey Devlin said...

Fingers crossed! I hope you'll be feeling fantastic again soon :)