Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Current work: new Riva (still having a fight with hero over his name - sigh, posh men)
Listening to: Ray Wilson
Reading: Second Chance, Kate Jackson (lovely debut – very warm characters, nicely structured, and I SO want to go to Orkney now); plus a bit more of the Erskine, which I’m starting to enjoy more now the past is seeping in (had to skip a couple of pages over the death of a parent, though – a little too raw at the mo, now I’ve taken a big step back from the FC and finally have time to grieve for my father)

Bit fidgety today. Son has his first GCSE paper this morning, as his school is doing all three science subjects over three years rather than a choice of two subjects over two years. He’s a bit anxious, bless him, as it’s his first ‘proper’ exam; but I’m sure the teachers will calm everyone down and remind them that they know their stuff, so don’t worry – remember to read the question properly, try your best, and your parents will be proud whatever grade you end up with. (That’s what I told him this morning, too.) Obviously I can’t give him a hug when I pick him up (too uncool), but as soon as we’re home there will be an extra hug.

Today: head down on book, then out this afternoon for coffee. This also counts as thinking time/refilling the well – I am not making last year’s mistake of trying to cram in too much. Older and wiser… and just a bit fidgety today. But one thing for which I am very grateful: no headache this morning :o)


Shirley Wells said...

You would love Orkney. I still miss it but am so glad my daughter's there so I get to visit!

Aw, son has his first proper exam? No wonder you're fidgety. I hope all goes really well for him. (I'm sure it will.)

As for the uncool hug, lol. I'm sure he'll enjoy an extra-special one when he gets home.

Nell Dixon said...

Rescue remedy! Works a treat for exam stressed teenagers. I got some for my eldest and half her class had some before the French oral exam - school were really impressed by how calm the kids were and felt they did better.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

There's so much pressure on kids in school. I used to go crazy with the long nights of homework, projects, cheerleading, my son playing every sport there was but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Hero's name.....what country, what does he do, hair color, eyes, etc. You should have a contest or as your friend, I'll send you some suggestions.

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley, I'm sure I'd love it too. Need to work a bit more on DH.

Son was fine when I picked him up and said he stopped being nervous when he opened the paper, bless him :o)

Nell - didn't think of that. Good idea.

Marilyn - so true. But he's quite level-headed. Hero is sort of behaving now, but thank you for the offer ;o)