Monday, March 14, 2011

season of mists

Current work: new Riva
Listening to: Crowded House
Reading: Louise Candlish, Other People’s Secrets (enjoyed this very much – I had guessed the reason why one of the characters had come to Italy, but picked the wrong person, so her red herrings were laid perfectly. Great characterisation, too, and I’ll be looking for more by her)

Very pretty school run this morning –misty on our side of the river, but when we got to the other side we found that the mist had retreated half a field’s width from the road. It looked as if someone had dropped a cloud in the middle of the field; though even if I’d had my camera with me that particular road is NOT a good place to stop and take a pic, so you’ll just have to imagine it :o)

Lovely weekend, but I succumbed to too much temptation. Even though I was very good with the main course when we took my stepmum out for a birthday lunch yesterday (carvery, i.e. plain roast meat and lots of veg, no potatoes), crème brûlée was on the menu… And then yesterday evening DH mused that toasted sandwiches were meant to be excellent on the Foreman grill, and decided to experiment. Toasted cheese sandwiches have always been a favourite of mine, and even though I know that bread affects my weight badly, I couldn’t resist. Hence bad scales this morning, and I need to get my Shred exercise programme back on track. As well as my book.

I have had a lightbulb (or maybe spring bulb) moment, though – I noticed in the cemetery that several people had planted those little tiny daffodils (I think they’re called tête-à-tête) on their loved one’s graves. My stepmum loves daffodils, so I floated the idea by her and we’re going to plant some later in the year, ready for the spring. I think some glory-of-the-snow might be nice, too. And maybe some grape hyacinths. Sadly, I can’t do the same for my mum as the churchyard has different rules, otherwise I’d have had freesias growing there for years.

Righty. I need to be strict for the rest of this month: daily quota first, no email or internet (and especially no word games) until it’s done, and schedule in exercise.

And so to work.


Lacey Devlin said...

I struggle with the internet too. Darn thing chews up all the time!

The daffodils sounds like a really lovely idea :-)

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - what we need to invent is a machine which gives us back the time we spend on the net...

The daffodils are going to be gorgeous :o)