Thursday, March 10, 2011

what are you reading?

Current work: new Riva (and, um, playing with the other one to keep my muse happy)
Listening to: Gary Moore
Reading: Catherine Fox, The Benefits of Passion (is probably my favourite of hers and I really wish she would write more books in the series)

I’m over at the Pink Heart Society today – this month I’m talking about recent reads. What I haven’t confessed to is what I bought with my book tokens (birthday and Christmas).
  • ‘Catching Fire’, the second in the Hunger Games trilogy (which I read in one sitting at the weekend – very impressed with it, and I really hope that the third in the trilogy is better than the reviews suggest, because I know how I want it to end and I have a nasty feeling that it won’t work out that way)
  • One Day by David Nicholls (I like clever premises, and I thoroughly enjoyed the film of his ‘Starter for Ten’, so this is promising)
  • The Anatomy of Ghosts by Andrew Taylor (blurb was irresistible. He’s a new author to me but apparently has a huge backlist, which is again promising)
  • Barbara Erskine’s ‘Time’s Legacy’ (which I did enjoy but, as is often the case for me with her longer fiction, I enjoyed the historical stuff more than the present day)

Because I am nice, I usually get something for the children as well when I go into a bookshop. I happen to know daughter’s wishlist and also her reading tastes, so she’s very easy to buy for. Son is a bit harder, so I asked the very nice assistant in Waterstone’s if she could recommend something for a teen who likes Patrick Ness, Kevin Brooks and Michael Grant. She suggested ‘I Am Number Four’, and also the Mortal Engines series, so we’ll see how he goes. (NB – being an author who wants to support her industry, of course I normally shop in an indie; said tokens were actually Waterstone’s vouchers, so had to be spent there rather than in my usual shop.)

Which books have you really enjoyed recently?

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Anonymous said...

I have just finished 'I am number four' and I think he will enjoy it. The premise is better than the execution - but fun all the same. With him on the Patrick Ness who is terrific and yes I loved the Hunger Games too.
So great minds DO think alike LOL