Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Current work: new Riva (and it would really help if another book had not decided to pop up in my head…)
Listening to: Squeeze (having a retro moment or two)
Reading: Catherine Fox, The Benefits of Passion (is probably my favourite of hers and I really wish she would write more books in the series)

The RNA Pure Passion awards were announced last night. Congratulations to Jojo Moyes, winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year; to Jill Mansell, winner of the Romantic Comedy prize; to Elizabeth Chadwick, winner of the Historical Novel Prize; to Louise Allen, winner of the Love Story of the Year; to Josephine Cox and Penny Jordan, winners of the Outstanding Achievement awards.

Congratulations also to the shortlisted authors – you’re ALL stars (and I’m not just saying that). And I hope you had a great time at the party, because you really deserved it. (I was there in spirit – toasted you all at home!)

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Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats to all!