Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the ravell’d sleeve of care

Current work: new Riva
Listening to: Daughtry
Reading: Anne McAllister, The Virgin’s Proposition (enjoyed this very much – loved all the warmth in it and the secondary characters because it made the book feel much more ‘real’)

So I was checking out the RSC website (this was research for the book). And I discovered that there is a production I really, really, really, really, REALLY want to see at Stratford over the summer.

Littlest is really a bit too young for Shakespeare (and in any case I’d want her first production to be As You Like It or possibly Twelfth Night). DH - well, despite the fact I’ve taken him to some decent productions, he has never let me forget that I once dragged him to a production of Troilus and Cressida that was set during the Napoleonic wars. (We did stick it out. Just.) Son, however, would LOVE this. And I think it would be the perfect intro to Shakespeare for him. The right play, the right place, the right production. (If you want to know why, click on the link here and then on the yellow “watch the trailer” box. You don’t have to watch it, even, just close your eyes and listen. Gorgeous.)

Floated the idea past son. Response: 'awesome!'

Cue negotiation with DH (aka I start with an outrageous proposition; then I come out with what I really want, which seems perfectly reasonable and he says yes. Usually). So tickets are now booked. I am SO pleased. Son is thrilled, too. We have something nice to look forward to in the summer. (And, evil person that I am, I mentioned to daughter that Cadbury World is not very far... so, really, she and her dad could come with us to Stratford, drop us off, and go eat chocolate at Cadbury World while we're in the theatre...)

And now, back to work. (Dear ed, I am not really skiving off. Shakespeare is important to my heroine. And I don’t quote very much. Just the bit that makes her cry and is a turning point in the relationship. Yeah, I know, you’re going to make me take it out...)


Shirley Wells said...

Yay! How exciting. I love Stratford and the RSC. You'll have a wonderful time!

Oh yes, and Cadbury World. Yum. :)

Liz Fielding said...

Oh, I just love Stratford. Took the dh and son and heir to see Much Ado there a few years back. Super.

My first Shakespeare was The Merchant of Venice at the Old Vic, followed by Macbeth the following year - annual school trip.

I am suffering total envy.

I won't say anything about Cadbury World. Not a word.

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - I can't wait.

Liz - oh wow, the Old Vic - how lovely for a first :o) Mine was Julius Caesar at Stratford (O level text).

We have the tickets now, so I am thrilled. Need to book the CW tickets or littlest will be nagging!